Most people experience lower back aches. Women are more likely to have such pains than men. Many women keep these aches at bay for lack of time to concentrate on the issue while they have a lot more to handle. Fulfilling her duties is the most important thing for her, and this keeps the aches in the back of her mind.
Most people tend to forget or ignore things over and over again. Women can now deal with lower back pains without committing so much time. Simple yoga exercises could save you more than you can ever imagine.

Simple ways to prevent lower back pain

There are a number of effective yoga postures that can be useful in alleviating lower back pains. The common yoga postures you need to try are:

i. Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose

This is an incredible relaxing posture. It is known to cool off the entire body. The posture works effectively to gently relax the back by stretching it. Digestion and other abdominal organs are gently massaged at this posture. Begin by sitting down with hips resting on the heels. Then keep your knees together or slightly spread out for comfort. Bending forward and placing the forehead on the floor along with the arms overhead and palms facing downward. Breathe slowly and deeply, ensuring that you hold the belly against the thighs. When releasing, ensure the palms are under the shoulders then return to your seated position.

ii. Downward dog pose

This is an incredible posture. It works to re-energize the entire body through stretching. It is effective in stretching the lower back as well as chest and building the upper body. Begin with a tabletop position and raise the hips such that the body makes a V position.

iii. Upward facing dog pose

Upward facing dog poseThe back-bending yoga posture is known to straighten and strengthen the spine, arms, shoulders and the torso. It is effective in building strength, improving posture and digestion. It works to relieve the body from fatigue and rejuvenates the body too. First, lie down on the floor facing downwards. Your legs should be extended behind you and kept apart. The hands should be on the floor next to the lower ribs and inhale with hands on the floor. Leg muscles should be engaged to maintain the thighs off the floor. Slowly release the position to exhale and repeat the process for better results.
You should never struggle with back pains. Ensure that you engage in daily yoga postures to alleviate the problems that come with ignored lower back aches.